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Montrose FVX

Longtime Nissei Customer Adds New Presses

Montrose Molders, of Middlesex, NJ, a longtime Nissei customer, has added new presses to their lineup.  As recently reported in Plastics News, Montrose’s newest addition is a Nissei FVX660-400L.  This is a 720-ton servo hydraulic X-Pump machine.  Montrose also added smaller 140-ton and 180-ton machines.

The FVX660 took the place of an older Milacron 600-ton hydraulic machine.  The new FVX will give Montrose greater flexibility in what they can mold with the machine.  With more generous tie bar spacing and greater shot size, the FVX660 has increased production capabilities at Montrose.  The “X” pump technology will also allow for the FVX to run on less energy than the older machine, offering faster paybacks to Montrose.  Energy monitoring data will show 50-70% savings when using a “X” pump machine.

Please click on the link below for the Plastics News story on Montrose.

Montrose Adds Presses