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Nissei FNX in the Spotlight

A recent article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle highlighted a Nissei customer who utilizes Nissei FNX machines.  Optical molder, Apollo Optical, of Henrietta, NY, is a fast growing manufacturer in the Rochester area.  Taking advantage of the rich and talented pool of optics technology experts in the Rochester area, Apollo has established itself as a leader in the ophthalmology molding field.  Along with the talented individuals, Apollo has also invested in cutting edge technology,  like the Nissei FNX machine.

Standard features like ultra slow injection speed range and long pressure holding times fit the needs of optical molders perfectly.  The “X pump” machine provides low residual stress and offers the ability to set clamping force down to 10% capacity.  Energy efficiency, clean and quiet operation all contribute to the first class operation that Apollo is running.

Nissei America and Premier Plastics are proud to be associated with Apollo Optical and are committed to helping them grow as a premium optical molder.  Please click on the link below for more on the story.

Apollo Optical Jan 31, 2016 Article