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Highlighted Installation

A company who previously had production run with outside vendors made the decision to bring molding in house. Through extensive research it was decided that Nissei would be one of the suppliers that would be asked to recommend equipment for the new facility. As the area representative for Nissei, Premier Plastics was asked to head up the sales effort.
Over the course of several months, product demands were analyzed, cycle times were calculated, and mold information was gathered. With this information, Nissei and Premier were able to make machine recommendations to the customer. Along with the machine mix, Premier Plastics also helped to determine auxiliary equipment needs. Subsequently, additional equipment proposals were made to the customer and a complete turn-key operation was installed. This facility now utilizes Nissei injection molding machines, Star Automation robotics, Matsui dryers, Green Box water systems and Hosokawa Polymer Granulators
Premier Plastics, and all of our suppliers, were proud to have been a partner with this customer in the successful launch of the new molding facility. With the help of the equipment we represent, the customer was able to realize a quick return on investment.

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