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Nissei America President Visits The Rodon Group

Nissei America President Visits The Rodon Group

During a recent trip to our area, Mr. Jin Yoda, President of Nissei America, paid a visit to one of our longtime customers.  The Rodon Group hosted Mr. Yoda and Mr. Steve Kato, the Nissei New Jersey Regional Manager.  Our Nissei team was impressed by Rodon’s state of the art facility.

Premier Plastics Systems is honored to call Rodon a valued customer.  Over the years, Premier Plastics has had the opportunity to provide innovative solutions to Rodon’s production needs.  Equipment from our suppliers has enabled The Rodon Group to grow production here at home in Pennsylvania.

Since the early 1990’s, Nissei has been the machine of choice for Rodon.  Energy efficiency, accuracy and repeatability have been hallmarks of whichever Nissei model Rodon has implemented.  Most importantly, the Nissei machines require very little maintenance.  Uptime and machine reliability allow Rodon to maximize value and to achieve the best for their customers.

Rodon recently added nine (9) Nissei FNX servo hydraulic machines to their capabilities.  The FNX has exceeded expectations- reliable equipment that is flexible enough to offer process performance to meet diversified needs.

Rodon has also partnered with Star Automation to help streamline production.  Starting with simple pick and place robots, Rodon quickly moved into All-Servo programmable robots.  They have been able to cut costs performing  part inspection, de-gating parts, and  packing parts at the press using Star technology.  Rodon has also benefitted from Star’s ability to quickly dispatch service personnel to address any needs- from troubleshooting to special programming needs.

Matsui, another supplier that Premier Plastics represents, has also proven its value to the Rodon operation.  With the exceptional performance of the MJ3 drying system to the Slow speed SMGL granulators, Rodon has been able to become more efficient in there material usage.

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